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I’m evidently addicted to Pasadena. This past week, Nick and I went out for breakfast at two different restaurants in Pasadena, yay! I love breakfast 🙂

Green Street Restaurant
146 Shoppers Ln
Pasadena, CA 91101


Breakfast Burrito: a flour tortilla wrap of scrambled eggs, chicken jalapeno sausage, onions and bell peppers, sour cream, and red sauce. It actually wasn’t to my liking from the very first bite. My pretentious request of NO bell peppers was ignored…which totally ruined it for me. I did not finish it.


He got the simple Buttermilk Pancakes. Poor boy was following Lent and didn’t order any meat! Too bad I accidentally fed him some chicken from my burrito, and too bad he forgot why he ordered JUST pancakes in the first place. whoops! This restaurant was ok. Perhaps they have better food for lunch and dinner? I’d like to give it the benefit of the doubt.



30 N Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103



My Mexican Omelet was gone within 10 minutes. the entire plate. yes, it was that fabulous. Seasoned beef and jack cheese, wrapped in a 3-egg omelet, topped with sour cream and avocadoes. Definitely my kinda taste (and not just because its Mexican). Hash browns were darn yummy! Nick got the New York Steak (yes, he eats steak in the morning too) which was pretty decent. I love A1 sauce! TWO THUMBS UP! BRAVO! we loved this restaurant! The decor was  chic as well, as it had replicas of classic art pieces lined across the walls. It even had an LCD screen that flipped through art paintings like a slideshow. oh, and the glass chandeliers were quite charming…

oh and by the way, these pictures suck – blurry and all. I busted out my instruction manual for my camera yesterday (after 6 months of first acquisition) and hopefully, the features I’ve now become more thoroughly aware of will aid me in the future!


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Alegria on Sunset

We shook Nick’s iPhone to see where we should eat next and voila! it came up with this hole-in-the-wall restaurant located on Sunset Blvd, Hollywood (as you can see, it was virtually empty when we walked in…but more people came in later). The word “alegria” itself means something to us and plus, I had been craving tacos that day (too bad for Nick, I love Mexican food). Thus, perfecto! This phone is genius. We’re gonna be having a lot of fun with this application (urbanspoon, check it out!)

the place was really cute, quaint, colorful…lined with decorations such as these, as well as mirrors, an indie movie poster, Frida pictures…

ah, the bread and butter of Mexican cuisine…I think I had more fun marveling at how cute that little brown paper bag was, than actually eating the tortilla chips and salsa!

hehe, I caught a smile!

Nick ordered the basic Taco Tray – soft tacos with meat, beans, rice, and the like. He wolfed it down like a mountain man.

My choice was the Tacos Dorados, two hard-shelled tacos of potatoes and chicken, jack cheese, leafy greens, tomatoes, and rice & beans. Also, during this meal was when I tried a potentially new and unhealthy addiction: lemon & salt

well lunch was fun, but that’s all for now folks!

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