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new years 2012

this is the year.

2012 is the year of graduation, where i get my bachelor’s degree and my license. the year i will be moving onto a professional career. it’s also the year where my brother and sister will be graduating as well. it’s a pretty damn big year.

With that said, self-improvement is always in order. my new years resolutions for the year 2012 have been under thoughtful deliberation. If there is anything I have learned about in nursing school, it’s that change cannot occur without being carefully planned out and measurable.  It has indeed been futile in the past when I made vague goals such as, “Love my friends more” or “Get more exercise.” So in addition to listing specific goals, I have also written down ways to tangibly attain my goals.

1)  Run a 5K race.  (Komen Race for the Cure, Glendale Downtown Dash)

2) Eat less meat. (Advised list of approved meat: KBBQ, King Taco, Sushi. I will avoid meat that I don’t really care for such as chicken and turkey deli)

3) Learn more Korean phrases and conversation bits. (Korean phrase book).

* a note about #2. It was originally: Be vegetarian for 4 consecutive months. Then it was revised to: eat from approved list of meats only. Then it was again modified to: eat less meat.  I went meatless for 3 months before, but ah, my friends love to eat too much. By cutting out this food, I might significantly cut out my social life as well. I think I will start off with a balance just to maintain my happiness and my health.  It’s a constant personal struggle to maintain my health, and I will attempt to get back to healthier habits again this year.

wish me luck 🙂


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