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oh, sweet heaven.

what a glorious day for handmade local goods, galore! i was so, incredibly happy walking through all the charming little booths and seeing vendors’ creativity and labor all packaged into a tiny necklace or wallet. the festivities boasted music, food trucks, and little indie photographers *squeal* not to mention, it was set up by a gorgeous bay in Long Beach and turned out to be a really beautiful day (it rained in the early morning, eek!). Quite simply, I was inundated with pure, sunny, delicious, peaceful, breathtaking, exhilarating… happiness.

moustaches are #1 trending this season!

these delicate wheel pieces are making me swoooooon..

you turn my reels. let’s get our mac on.

i like you a latte. you are my sewmate.

so in love with this concept! and loving the framing detail.

breathtaking. they were converted to magnets. i love these.

fried egg in a pan! hehe.

with this necklace, always ready to eat.

ok now really, let’s eat

steak and fish tacos

enjoying our peaceful afternoon, bayside 🙂

a barrette  made out of a nest, eggs, a bird, and leaves. would love to wear this in my hair~

cupcake candles, yummy!

expensive prints that we liked but would’ve hurt our wallets to purchase…maybe next time

im noticing a lot of jewelry pieces are incorporating wire. saw some rings made out of wire with a gemstone set in the center. surprisingly elegant.

this festival attracted a lot of mommies.

simply amazing. i wonder where they get these trees?

one day i’ll grow my own herb garden

exquisite details.

made out of the pages of books

a boy peeing

had the best time with these girls ❤

goodbye patchworks. their next show will be in santa ana!

i love supporting local vendors, especially if the goods are handmade and their profits support a higher cause! my purchases at the end of the day – hello kitty handpainted cookie (Shortnin Bread Bakery), a tin of 100% natural cool mint lip butter (Wisalya), and a green textured/velvet clutch (Vintage Remade). also some freebies: clove handmade soap sample, yelp lip balm, and clear lip gloss.

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Scarlet Tea Room

18 West Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91105-2008

Brie, Walnut, and Watercress + Mozzarella and Sundried Tomato Spread

a pot of Yunnan tea

fresh berry romanoff in a dark chocolate cup

classy afternoon tea 🙂

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