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some things never change




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port-wine stain

recess in elementary: one day while racing my friends across the blacktop with my jump rope, I tripped, fell, and scratched up my face. this left streaks of red scabs across my cheeks. the following days, i started identifying with the girl with the “birthmark” across her nose and cheek because all of a sudden I too, had red marks on my face. I began playing closer to her in the sandbox and felt like I knew how she felt.

of course, scabs fall off.

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Urth Cafe

Saturday morning brunch in L.A. Organic food, amazing coffee (spanish latte, mm).

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Rialto Cafe

Sunday morning brunch with the girls in downtown fullerton, for kim’s birthday 🙂

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Peach Cafe

Situated in quaint Old Town Monrovia, long wait for Sunday brunch, and my food was cold =/ But the place is so cute, full of elderly white people…my type of place, indeed!

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