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Colonial Kitchen

1110 Huntington Dr
San Marino, CA 91108

Look who came back from Italy! yay…we finally get to meet again!  amber and her belgian waffles.

and there’s my chicken-fried steak. HUGE plate of food! and oh yes, I finished most of it. It’s a restaurant for the older crowd. Friendly service…Don’t have much else to say about it, I mostly just enjoyed spending time with this girl again 🙂


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Best Thai

sometimes I just sit back and think about how I have such great people in my world 🙂 and i love how my friends know how to eat! is this why we’re friends? nah…

1735 Spruce Street
Riverside, CA 92507-2352

This is the second time I’ve eaten at Best Thai in Riverside… and I’ve liked it both times! I would highly recommend the Thai Fried Rice – it had a kick to it that even by numb taste buds and dull sense of smell (secondary to this damned cold) could perceive. It was almost…buttery? mMm…apologies. my head congestion seems to have inhibited my descriptive thought processes as well…

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