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2649 Mission Street San Marino, California 91108.

She knows how I like it – pompous and pretentious, mhmm. Set in the affluence that is San Marino, Julienne is truly a gorgeous eatery – semi-hidden near residential streets and boasting a natural ambiance of a sidewalk cafe complete with a forest green display of vines lining the arched walls. I wish I took a photo of the restaurant’s exterior, but I didn’t want to reveal myself as an amateur…oh! and they had air heaters in the morning! excuse my amateur excitement…I’ve never experienced this before.

Raisin toast w/butter and jelly

Parmesan Crusted Potato Cake with Poached Eggs, Guacamole and Tomato Basil Salsa, $12.50
As recommended by our waiter (it impressed us both how we presented him with two options that we were each deciding between and his responses were immediate. we like assertive opinions – none of this beating around the bush business). I would also highly recommend this dish – the right portions and it was warm (as breakfast should be, yay potato cakes!) and fresh ( i love tomatoes and red onions!). Also with a side of perfectly ripe cantaloupe and strawberry – must be in season~

Baked Crème Brulee French Toast with Fresh Strawberry Sauce and Creme Anglaise, $13.00
Apparently this is one of their more popular dishes – but it wasn’t living up to its hype that day. Tasted like moist cake drizzled with sweet sauces…Undeniably delicious, but perhaps not ideal for breakfast? She didn’t even finish it so being the glutton that i am…heh heh.

Coffee w/refills 🙂 something feels so parisian about this…

perfect morning for brunch…

…with this lovely lady 🙂



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