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December 31st, 11:59. I think I’m happy now, at least from time to time. – Strays Don’t Sleep

Christine included this song in a compilation mix several months ago, and I just listened to it again recently. How fitting is this line? I haven’t been able to connect with music like I used to because my thoughts have been louder than my music, I suppose. But this line – well it’s simply brilliant. I had a startling revelation today: I’m happy.

So, so happy.

I’m amazed at how luck has always been on my side. What are the chances that I didn’t enter this world with a genetic disease? How is it that I’ve already gone through 21 years of my life with all my limbs intact? Or that I’ve had the money to go out and enjoy fine dining? How is it that God has put people in my path that I’ve found true friends within? Why does God treat me so well in exchange for my spiritual neglect?

A relatively new friend of mine noted how I “laugh a lot,” and I thought to myself how weird a characterization that was of me. And it gradually dawned on me that despite all my former bitterness, irritability, and antisocial tendencies,  I’m not exactly that person anymore. This is largely due to the freaking fantastic friends that I have and only hope to grow closer to (a 2010 resolution!). Quality trumps quantity any day.

At this rate, I’m going to sleep with a smile on my face 🙂


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