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I find it quite brilliant when my 6-year old cousin has her moments:

1) Wilco’s “I’ll Fight” was playing in my car for only about 5 seconds until she exclaims, “This song is about how he will die for the one he loves?” Yes! I answer. “That’s gorgeousss,” she sighs.

2) We spent a summer evening together out on our front lawn, reading and discussing Shakespeare sonnets.

3) Inspired, she has begun writing poetry:

“I like puppys
and kittens too,
if i see them sleeping
should I sleep too?”


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“Associate with the noblest people you can find, read the best books, live with the mighty. But learn to be happy alone. Rely upon your own energies, and so do not wait for, or depend on other people.” – Thomas Davidson

Perhaps, I have taken this too literally.

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you are…so sweet! – regina

Apparently Louise’s Trattoria in Old Town Pasadena serves a small selection of Sweet Lady Jane desserts! This happened to be quite lucky because coincidentally, I had been thinking about Sweet Lady Jane earlier that morning while I was in the shower!


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meet my little cousin

little cousin: Why don’t you play with me, instead of going out and playing with other people?

me: You’re a big kid now. You have homework.

little cousin: HOMEWORK IS NOT MY FRIEND!!!

me: You should be nice to Homework. A lot of people don’t like Homework either. Homework doesn’t have a lot of friends. But Homework teaches you a lot of things about life. You should be nice to Homework.

little cousin: *groan and grumble*


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