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indie flick weekend

I ended up watching 3 indie-romance movies this past weekend:

500 Days of Summer

I adore both of these actors – Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt because they are both quirky and uniquely beautiful. Albeit slightly mismatched, they proved adorable in this film. But of course, the reality is that they aren’t supposed to be adorable together. This is a story about love, yes, but more specifically – unrequited love. Some basic facts:

1) She does not believe in love

2) He believes in love

3) He falls deeply, madly, passionately in love with her despite the fact that..

4) She constantly reminds him that she only wants to have a friendship with him (and then holds his hand a minute later)

5) Ironic reversal of roles: she believes in love, he does not

What I learned from this film: Girls are confusing

Oh, and one subtle touch of symbolism I noticed is that Summer’s last name is “Finn.” Think French.

Layout 1

Adam, played by the lovely Hugh Dancy whom I find to be a dashing young fellow, jumps into this role of a man with Asperger’s Syndrome. Grown up, he lives in an apartment in NYC by himself and has his set routine. That is until Beth moves into his apartment complex and he is strangely fascinated by this woman who has started talking to him and somewhat changing the routine of his days. In one scene, he takes Beth out to the park, only because he wanted to show her the raccoons that were unexpectedly taking up residence in Central Park. He then later leaves a gift at her door, stating that it makes up for what he should have left on the park bench for her that night. How cute!

It was an interesting exploration into the type of relationship a person can have with someone with Asperger’s – one that requires an extra ounce of understanding, patience, and love. Frankly, I thought she was a bit harsh to him, but hey, she’s only human?

Paper Heart

Slightly awkward but undeniably confident, Charlyne Yi plays herself venturing out through different parts of the world to ask people about love, as she is questioning whether it truly exists or not. In the midst of her adventures, she meets Michael Cera. He expresses that he finds her “interesting.” Thus, the romance begins and it is agreed that all developments in this relationship will be taped for the documentary.

Her inquiries to strangers seem to become more of a side bit in the documentary she is making, as the producers of the documentary within this film (I hope this doesn’t confuse you. It’s like a mirror facing a mirror reflecting on itself and hence creating a cascading illusion of depth. This is a fictional story parading to be real. I was actually debating throughout the entire film whether it was real or not. But finally came to the conclusion that it was not real. Therefore, there are cameramen and a director, WITHIN the real film.) focus more on this budding relationship. However, the cameras are what ultimately break them apart.

In between the storyline, Charlyne illustrates strangers’ love stories through crafts and cardboard sets. More silly, then cute?

I suppose in retrospect, all three of these films had a common unifying theme: “I can’t love you. But that’s ok.”


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10347 Magnolia Ave
Riverside, CA 92505-1809


Grace is such a cutie.

After a filling Thai dinner, Susan, Grace, and I stopped by Frostbites – and I was initially not planning on buying any but we were immediately beckoned by free samples the second we walked in which somehow/someway lured me to bust out my wallet and hand over my credit card. Wow – this place possesses magical powers. We ordered their most popular item – Sorbet Cream:  frozen custard (as the website boasts: frozen custard is ice cream, but not all ice cream is frozen custard) topped with a fruity Italian ice. HEAVEN.

The frozen custard was so soft, smooth, creamy, enticing. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted ice cream that way before. Just WOW. And the sorbet is apparently made in-house with real ingredients, as opposed to flavorings. Not so much a fan of fruity sorbets, but the combination was pure perfection.

I was so happy…

Thank you, Susan!

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