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33 E. Union St. Pasadena CA 91103

After some hyperventilation and hysteria over the prospect of being cut from the nursing program due to California’s education budget cuts, and getting assurance that our spots were secure…we celebrated!


All desserts are made in-house:

Profiteroles – vanilla bean ice cream + chocolate gonache. I had the hardest time pronouncing this! And our waiter made me say it! But it was indeed a lovely dessert, perfect for a summer night. A fancier version of the average cream puff 🙂

Vanilla Creme Brulee – topped with fresh berries + tuile cookie. Extremely creamy, which is indicative of a million + one calories! Very gorgeous dessert. Though I’d have to say it looks more delicious than it actually is!

Churros – yes, I kid you not. A fancier, more gourmet version of the average Mexican churro! Served with three dipping sauces: spiced warm chocolate, Dulce De Leche, and Strawberry. These churros were of melt-in-your-mouth quality! Especially good with the Dulce De Leche. Supposedly one of the more popular desserts in the house.


cheers to the next three years!



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Elements Kitchen


107 South Fair Oaks Ave. , Ste 110
Pasadena, CA 91105

Debbie suggested this little restaurant because of good reviews she read on yelp as well as good word-of-mouth. This place is literally just a “kitchen.” There is a tiny indoor dining area, but the majority of indoor space is a kitchen. Thus, most dining is outdoors on the sidewalk.  We were initially confused about where to go, because there is no real restaurant to walk into.  But two waitresses came out within a few seconds of our confused waiting and promptly seated us on one of the outdoor tables. Slightly awkward because the tables are so close to each other, so we can literally hear every word of conversation between the people next to us, and vice versa. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful Sunday morning for outdoor brunching 🙂


Tuna & Tarragon Panini: The tuna spread was mixed with a special buttery spread, which enhanced and complemented the flavor of tuna.  It came with sides of homemade pickles and potato chips.


Curry Chicken Salad: Curry was surprisingly very wonderful! And it came with a side of foccacia. The salad was slightly drizzled with dressing, and she said she really liked it, especially since she had been wanting Indian food…

The service was impeccable here. More than one waiter/res would come check up on us every 15 minutes or so, asking if we were ok and if we needed anything else. I think if anything in life, if I’m gonna be treated like a princess, I’d only want to be treated that way in a restaurant. Good job, Elements. I’m recommending you! Perhaps my feelings of joy are inflated because of the fact that my last restaurant experience was terrible (Vienna Cafe on Melrose…I posted pictures on Facebook, but felt that writing a whole entry on a restaurant with terrible service would be inappropriate).

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There is an elderly man at my senior home that has a tendency to always walk into the dining room before it’s open – too eager to eat, this one. And I always have to explain to him that he has to wait for one of the waiters to come and open the doors themselves.

Well today, I was going through my normal routine of stopping him from going in twice, and as other residents watch his attempts, they chuckle here and there. On his second attempt he actually goes in, and I have to go after him. In my whopping stature of 4’11 and in my age of 60 years his junior, I stand there looking up at him, scolding him – disciplining him! Now how does this work…

I tell him to go back outside and wait like everyone else, but he is adamant and resistant. I end up scolding him for 5 minutes, while the other residents look on snickering behind us (just like in elementary school). The two waiters finally arrive, and one of them smiles and jokingly asks, “Why you gotta be so mean to him?”

As humorous as this was, it just seems so twisted! Now this is the part where I contemplate in awe of how these developed and experienced human beings reach this stage in their lives, where they are being scolded by a 20 year old.

At least I got some practice in parenting 😉

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haunted forest?

1.  Breathless within the first few minutes on this trail, blergh! But next time, Nick and I plan to go earlier in the morning when its cooler (and thus, we will be less cranky)

2. I always find perfect camera shots in nature – and I also find the beauty in ugly 🙂


3. The world is so big, and I am so small…


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A man arduously pushing the tires of his own wheelchair,

with a little boy on his lap,

— obliviously licking his ice cream.

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