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1) Mariners vs. Angels (May 30, 2009) – Mariners win 4-3! Actually, the last 3 runs were all made in the 9th inning. As in, the Mariners were 0 all the way from 1st- 8th inning (hopeless?) Nick suggested that we leave early to beat traffic, but because of my *ahem* amazing intuition that things would turn around, I insisted that we stay because I have hope in them… within that last inning, the Mariners did not fail us, fighting! This led to overtime, in which Mariners scored one more run, and had strong enough defense to prevent another run for the Angels. Actually, the Mariners were awesome defensively throughout this whole game: 4 double-plays.


we sat close enough to see mr. ichiro suzuki’s butt clench. I told Nick that I might have a crush on ichiro. Nick told me that he has a crush on ichiro too. damn. though, I do feel like i’m doing a disservice to Korea by supporting this guy…

2) Disney Pixar’s UP was a gloriously painted canvas of childhood, old age, and the adventures of true love. The reason I wanted to watch it in the first place was because of the grumpy, but nevertheless, endearing old man. In an effort to escape a court order in which he is to be taken away to a retirement home after bludgeoning a construction worker with his walker, he pumps up hundreds of balloons full of helium, enough to uproot his entire house. This is his journey to find the place he and his late wife always dreamt of living on, an area of South America called Paradise Falls.

Having experience working with the elderly in Assisted Living, I found the nuances in this movie about elderly people personally amusing, har har. I cried a total of 3x throughout the movie. The colors were gorgeous, the story was touching, and it was only 1.5 hours long.



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button flower


crafted from 3 button pieces + foam piece + wire + green tape


my muse – kinda. I saw a button flower lying around the floor at home, and apparently, she had made it during Sabbath School. We actually made more but I thought one per pot would suffice 🙂

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Dots Cupcakes

400 S. Arroyo Parkway • Pasadena, Ca 91105

Susan and I were totally craving cupcakes. I don’t even have much of a sweet tooth, but I blame this aberration on the few bites of Auntie Em’s that I had yesterday. what a tease. And so with our duk-bo-ssam smelling hair, we stopped by Dots, a little cupcake shop located in Pasadena (there are actually two locations).

They were quite yummy, but not extraordinary. The upside is that they are slightly cheaper than other cupcake shops like Crumbs and Sprinkles. I wanted Auntie Em’s again because those cupcakes were delectable –  smooth texture and the perfect level of sweet. Dots frosting was different…tons sweeter and not as smooth (though I’m sure it’s because of the time of day, as we went an hour before closing, making it logical that the frosting could have stiffened by then). Unfortunately, it would’ve been a longer drive + rush hour to go to Auntie Em’s. Therefore, we opted for the shop closer in proximity.


meet my friend, susan.


carrot cake


red velvet with cream cheese frosting (whoops, you can’t see the red!)

IMG_0397 chocolate lovers for Nick, which he loved and preferred over Auntie Em’s. “So this is what it’s like when doves cry.”

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Auntie Em’s cupcakes

Likening the taste of an Auntie Em’s chocolate cupcake to “a party in his mouth where everyone was invited” (except me, hmph!), he proceeded to send another text:

“I would say…I love this cupcake 1/100000 as much as I love you :)”

ice cream melts ♥

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joe: and 1 class is just homeworks

me: homeworks?

me: haha

me: i think you’re grammar stopped showing up as well….

joe: “i think you’re grammar”

joe: boom

WHY?! I used to look down upon those with poor grammar and spelling. I was an editor of my high school newspaper for three years. I was a Spelling Bee champion. I even wear a t-shirt that says “I judge you when you use poor grammar.” *sob*

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1:30 am

Annoyingly enough, while Kiwon and I were heading home last night, there were road obstructions on the freeway that significantly slowed the flow of traffic. Annoying only because I had a headache and I was feeling nauseated because of it.

Incident #1: The Civic to my left had somebody’s head hanging out the passenger door. Next thing I know, we see this (possibly drunk) guy vomit volumes of liquid (possibly alcohol and stomach acid). This happens 2x after that. Buckets of it. Gross. I freaked out when that car got behind me for fear that they may (possibly with altered perception) hit my bumper.

Incident #2: We hit a moment on the road where we can normally drive again, and while I’m speeding up, and going at a normal pace, I all of a sudden end up screeching to a halt and burning rubber. Luckily, the Celica in front of me was already angled towards one side, and I had space enough to angle towards the other side. Hmm, I think my brakes are weak. This is the second time I’ve had to burn rubber like that, and sure enough, my car stank of it within minutes.

Tiger Balm + Nick made me feel better when I got home. 🙂

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simpleton, at heart


Genetic disease: Albinism

The amino acid Tyrosine (UAU, UAC) is needed for the formation of melanin, the pigment that creates color in skin and hair. If the enzyme that converts Tyrosine to melanin is defective, no melanin. Mutations in DNA are one scary thing. All it takes is one, single mistake in sequencing and BAM! you have to live with a genetic disease that may wholly affect the way that you live you’re life.

But look at this peacock! It contradicts negative connotations of DNA mutations. I love the  colors on a peacock, but this albino does as much justice in its breathtaking beauty. It’s pure. My eyes dance at the lack of color, at how gorgeous it is in all its simplicity.

And the glory in this image is amplified by how this creature of God embodies one of my acquired life lessons: Things may not always be as they appear. Life is one big gray area. It’s hard to separate good vs. evil once the little details enter the scene. The commonly perceived “bad” may not actually be “bad”; likewise, the commonly perceived “good” may not actually be “good.” Lines are synthetic, created by humans for the hope that they can make some sense out of the world, to establish some definite, concrete meaning of situations. Although lines are quite effective in doing just this, keep in mind that lines can waver at the edges too. I agree with the conclusion that DNA mutations are indeed evil. Stay out of the sun, people! But isn’t it fascinating how something deemed so terrible (i.e. defective enzyme in peacock) can still retain some ounce of (subjective) good?

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