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I’m evidently addicted to Pasadena. This past week, Nick and I went out for breakfast at two different restaurants in Pasadena, yay! I love breakfast 🙂

Green Street Restaurant
146 Shoppers Ln
Pasadena, CA 91101


Breakfast Burrito: a flour tortilla wrap of scrambled eggs, chicken jalapeno sausage, onions and bell peppers, sour cream, and red sauce. It actually wasn’t to my liking from the very first bite. My pretentious request of NO bell peppers was ignored…which totally ruined it for me. I did not finish it.


He got the simple Buttermilk Pancakes. Poor boy was following Lent and didn’t order any meat! Too bad I accidentally fed him some chicken from my burrito, and too bad he forgot why he ordered JUST pancakes in the first place. whoops! This restaurant was ok. Perhaps they have better food for lunch and dinner? I’d like to give it the benefit of the doubt.



30 N Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103



My Mexican Omelet was gone within 10 minutes. the entire plate. yes, it was that fabulous. Seasoned beef and jack cheese, wrapped in a 3-egg omelet, topped with sour cream and avocadoes. Definitely my kinda taste (and not just because its Mexican). Hash browns were darn yummy! Nick got the New York Steak (yes, he eats steak in the morning too) which was pretty decent. I love A1 sauce! TWO THUMBS UP! BRAVO! we loved this restaurant! The decor was  chic as well, as it had replicas of classic art pieces lined across the walls. It even had an LCD screen that flipped through art paintings like a slideshow. oh, and the glass chandeliers were quite charming…

oh and by the way, these pictures suck – blurry and all. I busted out my instruction manual for my camera yesterday (after 6 months of first acquisition) and hopefully, the features I’ve now become more thoroughly aware of will aid me in the future!

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sore thumb

oh hell! my thumbs are literally feeling irritated by excessive texting. I’ve never texted so much in my entire life until today. Yes, this is proof that I’m a product of pop culture, of conformity – oh, there goes my phone again….

Let’s see: it started with Anna (for like a freaking hour while I was trying to start on my chemistry homework!), then Susan, Amber, Nick, Debbie…oy, no more! no more!

And indeed, I felt compelled to document this day 🙂

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dancing wind

rain, rain go away…

Such fickle SoCal weather! Luckily the sun decided to come out…and so did the tumultuous wind! I was driving this morning and with a combination of natural turbulence, and that created by speeding cars, the small orange leaves that had fallen off trees were literally bouncing off the streets! What a precious visual symphony!

Last Autumn, I remember being at school and seeing a leafblower being aimed at the concrete, and in turn, creating this subtle, almost prismatic twinkling sound, just like thin chimes in the wind. Whoever thought broken glass could sound so divine?

This is like the scene in American Beauty where he’s mesmerized by the plastic bag being swayed by the wind…

currently: loving my senses

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pleasant surprise




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down into your memory

For as long as I can remember, I was never able to maintain a written journal…I remember starting one in middle school, but I ended up locking myself in the bathroom, sitting on the closed toilet, and ripping out all of my journal  entries…and in turn shredding those to smithereens before they finally landed in the trash can.

In the subsequent years that followed, I followed this very same tendency. Thinking I could have another new start, I would start writing again, but never could I finish. Again, those pages would be torn out, almost as if their destiny was predetermined.

Currently, in my closet lie 4 journals. One of the journals was the original from middle school, another is a spiritual journal in which I only have 2 entries. I have this desperate urge to tear those pages out, and start all over once again. And I know I’ll regret it because some of the things I’ve written have been very interesting…thoughts and feelings that would’ve been erased from my memory had it not been documented in writing. I think I’m just addicted to the idea of clean slates. And I think I’m repulsed by the idea that there is no continuity in those pages – as in, I started writing, but only for a brief period of time, and then I discontinued. Oh, how I loathe my neglect!

For Christmas, Nick bought me this gorgeous leather journal with a vintage feel, which  I had been eyeing for weeks prior to the holiday…of course he noticed me lingering at it every time we stopped by Borders, and I would never actually buy it because it cost a fortune for a mere journal. Of course I was thrilled ripping off the wrapping paper and finding this gem in my hands! And in order to prevent me from tearing out the pages of this epitome of sentiment and beauty, I decided to use it just to write down quotes, Bible verses, poems, phrases…


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I was quite grumpy last night while studying for my first ochem quiz of the semester. Grumpy because stupid me, I hadn’t allocated enough time to study for it. Grumpy because I’m a recovering perfectionist, still aiming to get every detail that I need, and not being able to because I will always choose sleep over staying up. Stressed, getting into bed. Worried in the morning, about getting as much cramming as I can get before class. Mind you, this is just a quiz. Can you tell that I suffer from unhealthy paranoia?

I went to school early to study, and in the midst of my telephone correspondences with Loma Linda that I had to do this morning, I receive another call of the same area code. Thinking its LLU again, I get the  call and realize, no, I’m being asked to come for a nursing program INTERVIEW for CSULB! I don’t want to get my hopes up, but it’s becoming real now… It’s almost like, what I’d been striving for for the past two years, working my butt off to get the ideal status I need for admissions, it’s happening. Damn, I’m excited! I couldn’t concentrate on chemistry after that phone call…

It’s sunny, and I saw a girl waiting at a bus stop, with a kite in hand. I love good-mood days 🙂


“Birds can fly so high or they can shit on your head,
Yeah they can almost fly into your eye and make you feel well scared.
But when you look at them, and you see that they’re beautiful,
That’s how i feel about you.
Right, thats how i feel about you… ”

She said, “thanks, I like you too.”

He said, “cool.”



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