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Happy Valentines, from Taylor’s Steakhouse in LA!



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Big Mama’s Rib Shack

1453 North Lake Ave, Pasadena


po-boy fried chicken sandwich. very simple, very basic… the real treats were the…


CAJUN FRIES. oh gees, these were so so so so freaking good.  seasoned, flat wedges. This was perfection.


the BBQ Tri Tip was alright, the mac and cheese was very strange (the cheese was coagulated…I’m not sure if that’s normal)…at least the cornbread was cute. I’d say this restaurant was mediocre, at best. Oh, and I should probably note that it was EMPTY in the restaurant. Not one other person came in the whole time we were there. Certainly makes you wonder why this is so…shrug, we gave it a chance! The waiter was friendly, and the interior was actually really beautiful to me. We liked having it all to ourselves. We watched the latest drama with Obama on the big screen they had in there. Emptiness due to the economy, I would suppose.

But it is reminiscent of the first restaurant Nick and I went to, as it was Southern style nigga food too!!

I’m going back for the fries!

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