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Granville Cafe


at Americana on Brand (Glendale), upon an indirect suggestion made by a friend 🙂


Gourmet Grilled Cheese Dipper was like eating pieces of heaven, sigh! A blend of melted Petit Basque, Gruyere, and Parmesan cheeses, as well as caramelized onions, deli mustard, and garlic aiola (not sure I tasted the latter two, however).


The Garlic Tomato Bisque dip was all things enticing and delightful…it was so smooth and tasted just… GORGEOUS. I couldn’t stop raving about it to Nick after my first few bites with it.


of course Nick got a PIZZA…boooo!

This one was a vegetarian pizza, mind you! (I convinced him it was too early in the day for meat, har har…and he fell for it!) Called the Five Artisan Cheese Pizza, it was a blend of melted Gruyere, Petit Basque, Mozzarella (Fresh and Whole Milk), sprinkled with herbs and garlic oil. Not bad, but in addition to my grilled cheese, I felt a little off afterwards because of the overdose on cheese…

This restaurant was bustling for lunch, and it was interesting to note how original all of their menu items seemed (though, some sounded really wacky…). oh, and Nick thought our waitress was hitting on him while I made a trip to the lady’s room, hehe. Yummy restaurant, must go back!


merry christmas friends!


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