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marstons 6

Located in Pasadena, on Walnut St. It looks like a quaint little house with a porch for outdoor dining and I get the feeling that its largely a brunch spot.

This one was the All-American Clubhouse which was 4 huge stacks of turkey, bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and Dijon mustard with a side of (yummy) fries.  He only finished one (pathetic! hehe) He wasn’t diggin’ the Dijon too much…

It astounds me how I still look like a little kid sometimes. Anyway, I ordered the Tuna Tortilla Roll (2) which was composed of tuna salad, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo wrapped in flour tortillas, with a side of fresh fruit and blue cheese dressing. Pretty good, but overload on the tuna. i LOVED LOVED LOVED their blue cheese dressing…dipping Nick’s fries in them were especially enticing. Didn’t get a picture of it because as you can imagine, I was pretty hungry and when I’m hungry I hold no inhibitions…

too bad their ice melted so quickly. wassssupp wit’ that fool?! Don’t know if this restaurant left a big impression on either of us…we probably won’t be going back. But it was still a fabulous Friday morning!


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Charlie’s Trio

Charlie’s Trio is located in Alhambra (Main St. and First St.) and it’s an Italian restaurant I’d always seen while driving down Main Street.

I love eating bread dipped in oil and vinegar (balsamic vinagrette, is it?) oh so yummy, and oh so fun.

my coworker said that he used to work at this restaurant, and so he recommended the Southwest Pasta,  a penne pasta dish of grilled chicken, blue corn tortilla, corn, cilantro, and creamy garlic sauce. There were a lot of flavors going on in this dish…the creamy sauce + sun dried tomatoes + corn in particular was a good combination. For some reason, even though the portion was decent, I couldn’t finish the whole thing (which is odd because I usually can…I was reaching my limit the first few bites). Overall, it tasted pretty good!

I’m noticing a pattern: Nick always orders either steak or pizza. He defends himself by claiming that he has a dull palate (i don’t believe him).



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Wild Thyme

I think fate led us to this place. We were actually searching for another restaurant in the area, but upon finding it, we realized it was a restaurant functioning as a bakery during that hour (it did look beautiful though). So we decided to look elsewhere and retraced our steps to this cafe/bakery that is located in San Marino ( Fair Oaks and Hope). It’s incredibly cute, no?

Grilled Jerk Chicken sandwich was simply amazing. It was charbroiled marinated jerk chicken on foccacia, with lettuce, tomatoes, grilled bananas, and spicy jerk spread. There was a quality about it that was so tantalizing on my tongue, oh my, I was going nuts!


New York steak was decent the first few bites, he said. But we’ve had better (see Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse)

This place has a Mimi’s Cafe sort of, demographic following. It was mostly elderly Caucasian people dining in this place…very cute I think! We are definitely coming back to this one.

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