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Cafe Santorini

We planned on eating at this Mediterranean restaurant, not knowing what to expect but completely ready to try something from the ordinary. And it turned out to be absolutely charming! The restaurant was sparkling, the waiters were fantastic, and the setting was beautifully romantic! But lets not get ahead of ourselves…This place is practically hidden in Old Town Pasadena. I’m sure it’s a familiar dining hot spot for those with an experienced palate…but for those not so familiar with the city, then it can be located across the street from the Forever 21, next to The Kitchen.

The restaurant doors lead directly into a set of stairs, from which you’ll emerge into a naturally lit indoor dining area. We were seated in the outdoor patio rooftop which I thought was gorgeous. I feel like we came at the perfect time of evening, when the sun was still out.

oh, how Nick loved the bread. thin and seasoned. ’nuff said.

Still recovering from the Japanese food I had for lunch earlier that day, I decided to just order something light, a little appetizer perhaps. Asking the waiter for an explanation as well as him saying that it was ‘very good,’ I went ahead and ordered something I barely understood other than the fact that it was cheese; and well, I know that I love cheese: Grilled Halloumi Cheese and Roasted Tomato. l suppose it was interesting. Bursting with intense flavor. Not a good appetizer to replace as a meal (as I can usually do at Denny’s. But I suppose this was no Denny’s. It was really, just an appetizer.) It was two small towers stacked with this Halloumi cheese and tomato halves, garnished with mint infused extra virgin olive oil thyme and olive tapenade. Oh boy, that was a tough one to swallow. Oh! and Nick and I both thought that this cheese squeaked when we chewed it. Being young’ns and all in this classy restaurant, we tried not to laugh too idiotically about our conclusion over such a cultured food.

Luckily, Nick ordered something practically ambrosial to make up for it: Soujouk Sausage Pizza which was composed of mozzarella cheese, beef sausage, red and green bell peppers, and mushrooms. Completely greasy and salty and seasoned, but if you know me, you know I adore this kinda stuff. I don’t actually know how pizza fits into authentic Mediterranean cuisine (does anyone know?) but I would highly recommend this menu item!

The service was impeccable as well. Everyone there was extremely friendly – almost to the point where you wonder if they really are this genuinely nice. If they’re not, then you gotta give them props for doing a damn good job of putting on this pleasant facade. But I really do think they were genuinely friendly. And Nick’s water never ran empty. Of course, another indulgent tip for these fellas. A 10/10 for quality of service! Oh and this boy makes me laugh. happy anniversary!


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Alegria on Sunset

We shook Nick’s iPhone to see where we should eat next and voila! it came up with this hole-in-the-wall restaurant located on Sunset Blvd, Hollywood (as you can see, it was virtually empty when we walked in…but more people came in later). The word “alegria” itself means something to us and plus, I had been craving tacos that day (too bad for Nick, I love Mexican food). Thus, perfecto! This phone is genius. We’re gonna be having a lot of fun with this application (urbanspoon, check it out!)

the place was really cute, quaint, colorful…lined with decorations such as these, as well as mirrors, an indie movie poster, Frida pictures…

ah, the bread and butter of Mexican cuisine…I think I had more fun marveling at how cute that little brown paper bag was, than actually eating the tortilla chips and salsa!

hehe, I caught a smile!

Nick ordered the basic Taco Tray – soft tacos with meat, beans, rice, and the like. He wolfed it down like a mountain man.

My choice was the Tacos Dorados, two hard-shelled tacos of potatoes and chicken, jack cheese, leafy greens, tomatoes, and rice & beans. Also, during this meal was when I tried a potentially new and unhealthy addiction: lemon & salt

well lunch was fun, but that’s all for now folks!

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