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Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Nick and I had been planning to try out this restaurant (a chain) for our anniversary. This one is conveniently visible on Colorado Blvd (if you can’t find it, look for a bunch of nice, expensive cars valeted in the front of the restaurant). We ran into problems…considering it was a Saturday night we couldn’t immediately get a table (twice!) And plus, service seemed unbelievably slow…(getting drinks, bread, orders, bill). Can’t say too much about their bread – just a simple loaf with butter (and half of it was burnt!) Luckily, that’s enough for my cons. On to the pros!

Petite Filet (midwestern beef that “melts in your mouth”) was delicious! Marinated with parsley and butter and probably something I’d like to try again. On the side I also ordered Steak Fries which were seasoned with rosemary, whole garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes. Sounded so amazing on paper…was good but nothing spectacular (uh-oh a con slipped in there).

Nick ordered the T-Bone Steak which was massive! Impossible to finish in one sitting. What can I say? Nick loved it and I think it’s the best steak he’s had so far (and he’s tried a lot of steak).

We both thought this place was so delicious but I thought service could’ve been a lot better. On the brighter side, our waiter, Ken, was super friendly and helpful, enough to warrant an extremely generous tip! Lucky lucky!

*note: these pictures suck! but I really hate using flash during dinner in nice restaurants. all for the sake of this blog, ya know? So I really didn’t try to make these shots look nice…I presume that this will pose a problem in the future…

*another note: excuse the fact that these both happen to be located in Old Town Pasadena. We’ll be branching out, I promise!


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Villa Sorriso

Located in Old Town Pasadena

The bread was delicious! Seasoned with garlic and parmesan and served with a side of this tomato & basil concotion. One of the better breads I’ve had at a restaurant so far.

I ordered the Penne alla Vodka. To be honest, the first 3 bites tasted like Smirnoff vomit, but I was probably just psyching myself out. It turned out to be a really good choice. Decent portion with a tasty creamy tomato sauce.

Nick ordered a 12 oz steak….don’t quite remember the exact name of it but it was juicy and tender and all things good! Exactly what a man expects, har har. Also came with a side of vegetables (yum)

The outdoor patio is really pretty…trees with lights and Casablanca being projected on a wall. There’s also indoor seating and a bar. Twas romantic!

Happy and satisfied.

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